Saturday, September 28, 2013

100 List Challenge: Introduction

The Crying Traveler
"Let's see, have I got everything? Bread, apples, bananas, fish, chicken..."

Kalana looked through his basket to see if he had completed his groceries. Once he's satisfied with what he had, he walked down for about half an hour up the hill towards his isolated house where he saw something moving slowly from a distance.

He thought it was just someone going to cross paths with him, but as the individual moved on closer and closer, he realized that he was more than just a person; he was a GIANT! An Estopian Red-Eyed giant nonetheless!

His eyes were glowing and his breathing was haggard. There were dozens upon dozens of weapons of mass destruction pierced through his body. He was bleeding from head to toe, and on his back, he was carrying a cylinder-like container that gleamed under the sun.

Kalana was stumped, shocked speechless, rooted to the spot and couldn't move away from the shocking grotesque sight. He couldn't even have the courage to scream as the giant reached out to him with a strangled moan. Within minutes of reaching out, the giant lost consciousness and fell at Kalana's feet, leaving Kalana to contemplate whether to run away screaming bloody murder or help the poor fellow...


Love of the Damned
"Yes, child, yes. Come a little closer. Your misery will end right here..."

The tear-filled man followed mechanically as Thilius lured him closer and closer to the edge of the balcony. No one would ever miss him. He just lost his job, his wife cheated on him, his little baby girl he cared for so much had died of pneumonia...Everything was wrong in his life. No one cared. No one would ever even realize he was gone.

Thilius made sure of that.

"Come closer..." Thilius whispered. "Come closer and it'll be all over..."

"Stop! Do not condemn yourself!"

The man didn't know why, but something in his heart told him that he shouldn't be doing this. He felt some sort of an instinctive force pulling back, making him fall onto the balcony floor. Feeling the solid ground on his feet, the man cried bitterly, venting all the pain he felt inside.

"Let it all out, child. All is not lost. You will get back on your feet. Do not choose the path that would condemn you to eternal suffering."

The man may not hear all that, but he felt somehow mysteriously comforted by something. Little did he know that he was saved by Faira, the angel that would soon capture the demon's heart...

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