Friday, September 27, 2013

The Crying Traveller: Nakh and Kalana Meets Kitakaze

Temperature getting cold...

Contractions getting worse...

I knew I shouldn't have travelled. I knew I should've stayed home.

But I had to feed my babies in me. There's no other way...

Of all the ill luck...

Someone...oww...please help me...

"Oh my God! Sir, are you alright?!"

I turned to look. A giant! Oh my God, a barbaric giant!

"Oh please," I begged, "Please don't hurt my babies! Please...~!"

"It's alright. He's my mate. He's not going to hurt you."

I turned to the other soothing voice that spoke to me. It was a Mundockian human, beautiful and slender, and had eyes like freshly made chocolates. Concern and worry was written all over his face. I calmed down.

"Sir, are you alright? Anything broken? What happened?"

"I...fell...My babies..." I couldn't speak anymore. The contractions are making my inside twist and turn in knots and my left arm and leg feels like it had shattered to a million pieces.

The human placed his palm on my bulging belly, widened his eyes and turned to his giant mate, "He's in labour, Nakh. He has to give birth soon."

"When are you due?" the giant called Nakh asked me.


"That's 2 months away!" the human exclaimed. "We have to get help. The Mawasha-s can help!"

"Those Forest Nymph?" Nakh wrinkled his nose in disbelief. "Kalana, he's an Outsider breed. No one, not even my clan, would ever have anything to do with an Outsider!"

If looks could kill, the look the human named Kalana gave his mate would have caused the giant to die a thousand deaths.

"Alright, alright," Nakh sighed in defeat. "But don't say I didn't warn you."

"Give me Ellokh. You carry him," Kalana said as he held out his hand to Nakh who I realized was carrying a bundle in his arms. When the giant reached down to pass it to him and cradled me in his arms, I realized it was their child. It had all the features of a baby but it was the size of a 2 year old. My God, how did they even managed? I don't even want to know.

"We'll get you to help soon," Nakh said, reassuring me everything is going to alright.

"What is your name?" Kalana asked.


This is, I suppose, the beginning of a very surreal friendship...

This is the beginning of the RP of both :iconakari-jaganashi: and I, that started our long-standing friendship in the first place, since he wanted his OC to be part of the Crying Traveller universe

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